30 ways to lose weight

1. Exercise 30-60 min. day
2. Eat small meals often and don't skip meals
3. Eat fruits and vegetables with every meal
4. Weigh yourself daily
5. Keep a food journal with you always
6. Remove all unhealthy snacks from the home
7. Store only healthy foods and snacks at home
8. Schedule physical activities with friends often
9. Eat at home often
10. Don't use serving bowls
11. Fill up on healthy foods before dessert
12. Make active choices for everyday tasks
13. Don't eat while watching TV
14. Vary activities

15. Never eat from containers
16. De-stress before eating
17. Start with high-fiber breakfast
18. Buy and use a pedometer
19. Walk 30 minutes every day
20. Plan a week's groceries
21. Have a craving plan
22. Reward yourself with nonfoods
23. Use a weight-loss online buddy
24. Wear blue. It suppresses appetite
25. Throw out large plates
26. Throw out large clothes
27. Use a mirror to measure success
28. Read labels and avoid butter or gravies
29. Season smartly and avoid butter or gravies
30. Increase calcium (appetite suppressant)