These workouts burn more calories than running

High Intensity Interval Training

What do you get when you pair quick bursts of intense exercise with short rests or active recovery periods? Major calorie burn. A huge benefit to this type of workout is that it usually only takes about a half hour and the benefits last long beyond your 30-minute sweat session. Also, “one can expect greater increases in aerobic capacity than what is seen with traditional aerobic training,” Gallagher says.


The total number of calories burned depends on how easy you make the workout – what resistance level you set and how fast you’re striding. Many instructors recommend the elliptical to other cardio machines because it’s a low-impact exercise. Your feet are always on the pedals making it easy on your joints and back. Guys can burn more than 1,000 calories in an hour on the elliptical and girls can burn more than 750, on average.

Bike riding

Taking 10 minutes to ride your bike at a fast pace (14 to 16 mph) will burn about 92 calories. Incorporate hills and you’ll get an even bigger burn. And the same interval strategy mentioned for running and spinning applies here, too. An average 30-year-old woman will burn about 520 calories cycling for an hour. Also, spin classes and cycling are easy on the joints and serve as an amazing cardio workout, Gallagher says.


If your fitness routine is feeling a little dull lately, consider spicing it up by learning some new moves. Certain styles – such as Zumba, pole dancing, ballet barre and hip hop – torch calories.  You can have a blast while strengthening your bones and muscles, and improving your posture and balance.